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HENZ any colour


You can now order your HENZ Cricket Neck Guard in any colour you wish.

For Enquiries contact Nick on 0409016766

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  • Unique design to easily attach to existing helmets
  • Protects back & side of neck for all ages
  • Provides safety for batsmen, close fielders, wicket keepers & batsmen runnng between wickets
  • Adds extra sun protection
  • Light weight & allows free movement
  • Scientifically tested
  • Available in Navy, Bottle Green & Maroon
  • Australian Design & Made
  • Customised Branding available for Clubs, Schools & Corporate

HENZ Cricket Neck Guard

RRP $49.95 (includes HENZ helmet guard, 4 nuts or bolts & 4 spacers)

Additional nuts & bolts available in packs of four - $19.95

Helmet + HENZ Guard COMBO

Buy online $129.95 $90.00 FREE FREIGHT

Custom Name Printing

(2 Layer Process)on the back of HENZ, add Special Offer $15.00

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HENZ Cricket Neck Guard, Navy
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HENZ Cricket Neck Guard, Bottle Green
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HENZ Cricket Neck Guard, Maroon.
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Helmet + HENZ Guard COMBO, Bottle Green BUY NOW $129.95 SPECIAL OFFER $90.00 FREE FREIGHT

Helmet + HENZ Guard COMBO, Maroon BUY NOW $129.95 SPECIAL OFFER $90.00 FREE FREIGHT

Customised HENZ Cricket Neck Guard

For Cricket Clubs, School Teams & Corporate Events

Why BUY new helmets when HENZ can easily be fitted to your EXISTING helmets?

Our standard colours are NAVY, BOTTLE GREEN, MAROON.

CUSTOM NAMES Printing (2 Layer Process)on the back of HENZ, add $15.00 per guard, (min 12 pieces, must be same title).

Each HENZ Guard comes with 4 Nuts or Bolts, all you need to do is have a count to see what FIXING method you have?

Please fill out the contact form and a HENZ Representative will make contact within 7 days.


henz cricket neck guard

About HENZ Cricket Neck Guard

The death of Phillip Hughes highlighted the great risk of serious injury all cricketers face from a ball striking them on the side of the neck. This applies to players of all ages and level of competition when they are batting, fielding close to the wicket, wicketkeeping or running between the wickets.

The cricket community is now acutely aware that this risk needs to be urgently addressed to ensure further tragedies can be avoided.

Nick Geale and Geoff Spotswood have been working since February 2015 on designing a cricket neck guard to protect all cricketers. Their unique design, the ‘HENZ’ Cricket Neck Guard can be attached to current helmets, which have an adjustable face grill.

The name ‘Henz’ comes from Nick’s son Henry, a thirteen year old representative cricketer.

Diligent and meticulous research has involved designing, testing and refining the guard, which was scientifically tested by leading sports physicist, Associate Professor, Rod Cross. The ‘HENZ’ Cricket Neck Guard withstood cricket ball impacts of 150kph in a series of quality controlled tests.


About Us

Nick Geale

Leading Electrical Business Owner
First grade wicketkeeper/batsman, Bankstown Cricket Club
Semi-professional cricketer – United kingdom

Geoff Spotswood

PDHPE Teacher (Phys Ed), GradDip. Ed Studies (HMSC)
Level 3 coach (Cricket Australia) & Sydney’s leading cricket coach
Level 2 Rugby Union Coach - Australian Rugby Union
First grade allrounder, Bankstown & Wests Suburbs Cricket Clubs NSW State Coaching Panel
First grade rugby league player, Western Suburbs & Bulldogs


HENZ Fitting Instructions


Step 1. Remove your existing female NUT fixings.

Step 2. Place the HENZ Cricket Neck Guard on top of the existing mounting area, through two slots. Screw the nuts onto the four male steel threads with spacers provided. DO NOT over tighten.

Step 3. Make sure the metal bottom part of nut fixings are in-between the slots.

Step 4. Place helmet on head and slide guard as required, tighten all four nuts by hand.



Step 1. Remove your existing male BOLT fixings.

Step 2. Place the HENZ Cricket Neck Guard on top of the existing mounting area, through two slots.

Step 3. Screw the bolts into threaded hole with spacers provided. DO NOT over tighten.

Step 4. Place helmet on head and slide guard as required, tighten all four bolts by hand.


Never use damaged or incorrectly fitted HENZ Cricket Neck Guard.


The HENZ Cricket Neck Guard is designed to provide additional protection for the user and should never be used if damaged. Use of damaged or incorrectly fitted HENZ Cricket Neck Guard may impact on any product warranty given by the manufacturer.



Report on neck guard tests

Associate Professor Rod Cross, Physics Department, University of Sydney
23 December 2015

On 18th Dec 2015 I tested the HENZ Cricket Neck Guard developed in Sydney by Nick Geale and Geoff Spotswood. The tests were conducted at Hassell Park in St Ives.

The neck guard was attached to a conventional cricket helmet fitted with a wire grill designed to protect the face. The helmet itself was attached firmly to a wood skull which was mounted on a vertical steel pole.

The tests involved firing a Jugs cricket ball at speeds up to 150 km/hr so that the ball impacted at various points on the neck guard. The results were filmed by mounting a Casio EX-F1 video camera on a tripod, viewing through wire netting so as to measure both the speed of the incoming ball and the impact point on the neck guard. The neck guard itself survived 15 such impacts, including 4 impacts at 76 km/hr, followed by two impacts at 87.5 km/hr and 9 impacts at 150 km/hr. No damage was sustained by the neck guard in any of these impacts, and it performed its intended task of deflecting the ball away from the neck region. The neck guard was not dislodged from the helmet, despite several direct hits.

In practice, cricket balls are bowled at speeds less than 160 km/hr (100 mph). The ball slows down through the air and it slows down further when it hits the pitch. Consequently, the maximum impact speed of a cricket ball with a helmet would typically be about 100 km/hr. The tests at 150 km/hr were well in excess of the maximum impact speeds expected in practice.

A photograph of the neck guard and the helmet is shown in Fig. 1. The photo was taken after a direct hit at 150 km/hr on the wire grill. The far side of the HENZ Neck Guard. During the testing the neck guard remained in tact and protected the vital neck area.



I am an honorary Associate Professor in the Physics Department, University of
Sydney. I specialise in the physics of sport and have written about 70 papers on the subject, as well as two books on the physics of tennis and a book on the physics of baseball and softball. My work is best summarised on my web page

Fig. 1 Photo of neck guard attached to helmet. The wire grid was damaged by a direct hit at 150 km/hr, but the neck guard itself was not damaged even after 9 impacts at 150 km/hr.


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NEWS 2017


HENZ any colour

You can now order your HENZ Cricket Neck Guard in any colour you wish.

For Enquiries contact Nick on 0409016766

HENZ any colour

SPECIAL DEAL Kingsgrove Sports Customers

Kingsgrove Sports Special Offer

Wenty Leagues based in Western Sydney has recognised the importance of Protecting their JuniorCricketers and has introduced mandatory wearing of the HENZ Neck Guard in the coming season.

NEWS 2016

HENZ Cricket Neck Guard supporting the 'PINK TEST'

Sunday Telegraph 9/10/16
Safety helmets increase after Phillip Hughes tragedy — but so do costs for parents > >

Memorandum has been sent to Clubs throughout Australia including Cricket Authorities at State and National Level. Date 29th August 2016

“Helmets must be a specifically-designed, properly-fitted cricket helmet with a face guard and recommended with neck protection”.